10 Best Habits For A Stronger Heart

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As per the study conducted by top cardiologists in Mumbai, the wisest plan for preventing a heart attack is, certainly averting one from ever happening. Select the below given strategies and make them a habit. The closer you follow them, the more you lessen your risk of heart disease and chances of heart defect repair surgery.

1. Encourage Your Partner To End Smoking
Non-smoking partners of smoking addict individual face a 90 percent higher risk of developing a heart attack. Breathing passive smoke increases bad cholesterol levels in the body, lowers good cholesterol, and amplifies your blood’s propensity to clot, as per the study conducted by heart specialists.

2. Workout For Atleast One Hour, Four Times a Week
Middle-aged men and women who exercise robustly for 1 or more hours cumulatively four times a week have 50 percent lower risk of getting heart attack in comparison to inactive individuals.

3. Lose 4 to 8 Kilograms Of Body Weight
If you’re overweight on the weighing scale, dropping 4 to 8 kilograms lowers your threat of dying from a heart attack. A study conducted by cardiac surgeons in Mumbai found that overweight individuals had heart attacks 9.2 years prior than normal-weight individuals.

4. Drink Minimum Of 5 Glasses of Water Per Day
People who consume as many as five to six glasses are 60 percent less likely to suffer from a critical heart attack than those who consume two or fewer. Some of the best heart surgeons say the water thins the blood, making it less probable to clot.

5. Change from Coffee To Tea Habit
A new study found that individuals who consume daily cups of tea a day have half the peril of heart attack in comparison to those who don’t consume tea at all. Effective antioxidants, called flavonoids, endow with a protective effect.

6. Relish Salmon on Saturday, Tuna on Tuesday
Some of the top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai are of the opinion that eating fish at least two times a week lessens the risk of developing heart-disease by more than 40 percent. The supernatural ingredient is the omega-3 fatty acids present in the fish.

7. Ask Your Cardiac Surgeon About Best Vitamin E and Aspirin
Individuals who consume both the vital components cut the plaque in blocked arteries by more than 70 percent, according to a recent study by vascular surgeons.

8. Consume a Cup Of Whole Corn Flakes For Daily Breakfast
This breakfast cereal comprises of one of the utmost concentrations of folate (675 micrograms) of any cereal. Consuming in that much folic acid everyday cuts your possibility of cardiovascular disease by 20 percent.

9. Count To Ten
Making a 10-second shield before reacting to a worrying situation might be adequate to calm you down. Individuals who react with anger are thrice more prone to have heart disease and 5 times more expected to have a heart attack before turning age of 54.

10. Have Watermelon
Watermelon comprises of about 40 percent more lycopene than is observed in raw tomatoes, and a recent study reveals that your body absorbs it at advanced levels due to the melon’s huge water content. Half the fruit can increase heart-disease prevention by 40 percent.

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