5 Steps to Find the Best Heart Surgeon in Mumbai

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Make wise choice in finding the best heart surgeon in Mumbai for your requirements, when your heart health is on the line.
A Personal Decision
Just knowing that you have to see one of the top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai can be troublesome. If you are like the majority patients, your primary care doctor has suggested that you see one of the top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai. But how do you find the best heart surgeon who is right for you? Take the following parameters into consideration.

1.Get Referrals

Begin with your referral list from your primary care doctor prior to fixing on the surgeon for heart transplant surgery in Mumbai. You can also inquire from family, friends, and other medical experts for right recommendations. Take enough time to research the doctors’ credentials and experience before you book him for yours or your family member’s heart transplant surgery. As you make a shortlist, call each heart surgeon’s office and ask for a short consultation appointment so that you meet and interview him/her.

2.Research The Credentials

Board certification is one of the most significant factors to consider; it tells you that the heart/ valve repair surgeon has the needed training, skills and expertise to offer healthcare in cardiology. Also, confirm that the valve repair surgeon has no history of unprofessional conduct claims or disciplinary actions against him. You can find the surgeon’s medical school, internship hospital, certifications, and even malpractice history on web.

3.Consider the Years of Experience

When you’re dealing with the health of your heart, experience matters to a great extent. The more experience the vascular surgeon has, the better your treatment results are ought to be. Ask how many patients with similar specific vascular condition the surgeon has treated. If you are sure you require a specific procedure, ask the vascular surgeon how many of the procedures he/she has performed and learn about complication rates—the ones that the doctor has encountered in addition to your own risk of complications.

4.Study Hospital Quality

Your doctor’s hospital is essentially your hospital. Hence, consider the quality of care at the hospital where the surgeon can treat patients or perform surgeries such as lung transplant and bypass surgery . Hospital quality is vital because patients at top-rated hospitals have less complications and superior survival rates. ​When it comes to crucial surgeries such as bypass surgery , it is important that you do not afford to take any kind of risk by choosing any hospital without research.

5.Assess Communication Style

Choose a surgeon with whom you are comfortable speaking to and who supports your information requirements. When you first meet the surgeon, ask a question about the surgery you intend to do such as Aortic aneurysm surgery and see how he/she responds. Find a surgeon who pays heed in getting to know you, who will think about your treatment preferences, understand your surgery needs from vascular to aortic aneurysm surgery and lastly who will respect your ultimate decision-making process.

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