Adapt Simple 6 Steps For Healthy Heart

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In a recent interview with some of the top cardiologists in Mumbai, we have come up with some six simple steps to effectively control your risk for heart-related diseases.
1. Get active
Many Cardiologists in Mumbai are of the opinion that regular physical activities escalate your length and quality of life. If you get even a minimum of 30 minutes of reasonable physical activity every day (such as brisk walking), 4-5 times per week, you can nearly assure yourself a healthier and more sustaining life while dropping your risks for unexpected heart disease, stroke & diabetes.
What To Do
Start by learning the basics about fitness under the guidance of fitness instructor and heart specialist in Mumbai. Likewise, children too need 60 minutes every day of bodily activity, so search for ways of workout with your kids to help safeguard their heart health along with your own.

2. Control cholesterol
When you regulate your cholesterol, you are actually giving your arteries their best opportunity to remain blockage-free. Cholesterol is a waxy substance and our body utilizes it to create cell membranes and few hormones, but when you bad cholesterol (LDL) in excess, it syndicates with white blood cells and builds plaque in your veins and even arteries. These blockages then lead to major heart disease and fatal stroke.
What To Do
Try these tips to lower cholesterol:

  • Eat a variety of whole and multi-grain meals, such as oats and brans.
  • Omega-3 Fatty fishes, such as salmon, tuna and mackerel.
  • Diets rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables.
  • In case, you have too high cholesterol level, it is recommended to take medications from heart specialist in Mumbai.

3. Manage blood pressure
Majority of the cardiac surgeons in Mumbai are of the opinion that high blood pressure is a key risk factor for heart disease and stroke. When your blood pressure lies within healthy level, you easily reduce the strain on your heart, arteries, and kidneys. This keeps you healthier for longer.
What To Do
To effectively manage blood pressure, many cardiac surgeons in Mumbai suggest that you must:

  • Eat a perfect well-balanced and heart-healthy diet, which incorporates reducing sodium intake.
  • Adopt any regular physical activity and keep a healthy weight
  • Stress management, less alcohol and say no to tobacco smoke.

4. Lose weight
If you have excess of fat — particularly if a lot of it is accumulated in your waist — some of the best heart surgeons in Mumbai say that you’re at bigger risk for such health problems as high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol and diabetes. If you’re overheavy or obese, you can still decrease your risk for heart disease by successfully dropping weight and keeping off extra calories from your diet. Even dropping as few as 5-10 pounds can lead to blood pressure reduction.
What To Do
Evaluate your body mass index (BMI) to help you fix if you really need to lose weight.

5. Reduce blood sugar
If your fasting blood sugar level is under 100, you are said to be in the healthy range. If not, your results may perhaps show diabetes or pre-diabetes. Although diabetes is remediable and you can live a healthy life with this condition, there is still great risk of heart disease and stroke. In fact, most patients with diabetes succumb from some form of heart or blood vessel disease.
What To Do
The following tips can help decrease your blood sugar:

  • Decrease consumption of simple sugars that are mostly seen in soda, candy and sugary desserts.
  • Go for regular physical activity! Adequate intensity of aerobic physical activity directly aids your body respond to insulin.
  • Daily medications or insulin if it is prescribed to you.

6. Stop smoking
According to some of the best heart surgeons in Mumbai, people who smoke cigarette are at a high risk of getting cardiovascular disease. If you smoke, then quitting is the right thing you can do for your body. Smoking damages your whole circulatory system, and escalates your risk for coronary heart disease, tough arteries, aneurysm and even blood clotting. Smoking can also decrease your good cholesterol level and your lung capacity, thereby making it almost harder to get the physical activity you require for superior health.
What To Do
Whatever it takes for you to end smoking, it is actually worth it! You can get professional help. Behavioral Therapy together with medication therapy can enhance the chances of quitting smoking.
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