6 Tips for Traveling with Heart Condition

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Travelling can associate with several challenges when it involves healthy intake, having enough rest, and exercise. However, having heart condition shouldn’t limit your travelling abilities; if truth be told, it’s best for your health! According to two long-term studies by renowned heart surgeons in Mumbai, travelling could lower your risk of a heart failure. Dr. Bhasker Semitha, one of the best valve repair surgeon and cardiologist … Continued

10 Best Tips for a Healthy Lung Transplant Recovery

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Going through a lung transplant is a tough experience for patients and their families. Sometimes the effects of the lung transplant surgery and the stress is disturbing. Facing the truth of a severe illness, being apprehensive what is involved in … Continued

Best Heart Surgery Recovery Tips By Heart Surgeon

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The primary phase of heart surgery recovery can last from around six to nine weeks. When you’re discharged from the hospital, you’ll definitely receive a set of guidelines for post-surgery care by top cardiac surgeons. These essential tips will help … Continued

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