Eat Breakfast To Improve Your Heart Health

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Are you amongst those who skip breakfast meals on daily-basis? If yes, you are definitely curbing the blood flow to your heart. Kick start your day off right with a heart-healthy morning meals.
According to the recent study, “when” you eat is just as significant for good health just as what and how much you consume.
In Mumbai, some researchers in their survey examined men by asking them to complete the set of questionnaires concerning to what they consumed and when they consumed, then chased their health for 15 years. Those who stated that they skipped breakfast were in reality facing a higher risk of heart attack, serious coronary heart disease and even lung transplant.

In a statement by one of the heart specialist in Mumbai, explains what the actual truth behind the findings is: “By skipping breakfast, there is an increased chance of developing one or more risk factors that comprises of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and higher level of cholesterol, which may in turn lead to a heart attack with time. Moreover, individuals may even face major health issues such as Aortic aneurysm (an enlargement of the aorta) and thereby the need for surgery.

For the study, the researchers furtherstudied food regularity questionnaires done by 26,000 male professionals aged between 45 and 82 years and trailed their health for 15 years from 2000 to 2014. The men were free of heart-related disease and cancer at the very start of the study.Over the years of follow-up, 1,400 men experienced either non-fatal heart attacks or succumbed to coronary heart disease.

When they examined the data, the researchers found men who said they lived without eating breakfast had a 28% higher risk of having heart attack or early death from coronary heart disease as compared to those men in the survey who said they lived eating regular & timely breakfast.
It is interesting to note that the men, who stated that they skipped breakfast were actually younger, single, chain-smokers, worked full time or over-time, did less-exercise and consumed more alcohol.

The same researchers also found when they attuned the outcomes to extract the effect of body mass index (BMI), high blood pressure, increased level of cholesterol and diabetes, the possible links between skipping breakfast and advanced risk for heart attack or heart-related ailments turn out to be much weaker: they were in factno longer statistically important.
They said, this advocates “Eating habits may affect risk of coronary heart disease via pathways connected with these conventional risk factors.”
They also found zero connection between how many times a day the men stated they ate food and the risk of heart disease.

Eating Late At Night Related To Heart Disease
They did see a connection, though, between eating late at night and coronary heart disease. In comparison with men who confirmed they did not eat late at night, among men who did, there was a 60% greater risk of coronary heart disease.
Many best heart surgeons in Mumbai are of the opinion that one should simply never skip breakfast at any cost. Eating a healthy meal loaded with nutrient-rich, heart-healthy super foods at the beginning of the day is associated to lower risk of heart attacks.

Healthy Breakfast Tips:
The best breakfast comprises of some lean protein and fiber, which alleviate your blood sugar and keep you feeling content till at least mid-morning, when you ought to relish your first healthy snack of the day.
You must include a lot of nutritious items into your breakfast as this is a simple way to make sure your meal offers sufficient energy and a strong balance of nutrients, such as calcium, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals.
Start your meal with a glass of juice, followed by home-made dosas, idli, poha, upma, oatmeal, whole-grain toast and other healthy snacks. Adding up nuts and well-chopped fruits to cereal is an “amazing way to start the day”.
At a conference in 2012, some vascular surgeons in Mumbai presented a study that elucidated why individuals who skip breakfast are inclined to find high calorie food more tempting later in the day. This is because their brain circuits may be prepared toward seeking it while fasting.

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