How To Keep Your Heart Strong?

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Keeping your heart healthy is quite easy if you pay attention to the big picture: Do exercise regularly. Stress a little less. Keep an eye on your weight. Avoid smoking.
Trying to put these goals into action surely won’t be simple at all. Think about how you can put it into practice and which matters most.
Below are several practical ways for a lifestyle that makes you feel good as well as makes your heart strong.
Have a look at these 5 ways to improve the heart’s health.

1. Do not smoke and avoid intake of tobacco. 
The connection between lung cancer and smoking is known to all, but smoking can also lead to heart disease, heart stroke and various chronic lung diseases. The one in five cardiovascular diseases death is because of smoking cigarette. Smoking harms the blood vessels as well as heart tissues, results in high blood pressure, and also lowers good cholesterol. It can also raise the risk for cancer of the bladder, mouth, throat, cervix and pancreas, kidneys and is also connected to insulin resistance and diabetes.

2. Maintain an active lifestyle.
Your heart is a muscle that has to work all the time to stay healthy and strong. You are storing fats if you are not burning calories. Too much of these results to higher triglycerides and LDL and both are not at all good for your heart. At least 30 min of exercise every day can help you to stay away from cardiovascular disease.

3. Consume a heart-healthy diet.
The best way to fight cardiovascular disease is by having a healthy diet. A heart-healthy diet should comprise of low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fish & skinless poultry, legumes and nuts and different fruits and vegetables. The latest European study concluded that consuming eight servings of vegetables and fruits each day lessens the chances of heart disease by 22 percent. Eight servings might sound too much, but it’s not when you understand what a portion size is: one carrot and half a banana or one small apple. By including a part or two of vegetables and fruits into every meal or snack, one can easily touch the target.

4. Maintain proper weight.
The chances of heart disease are higher in people who are overweight or obese and can result in a heart attack or death. Having extra weight can increase your blood pressure, lift your triglycerides, reduces HDL (‘good’) cholesterol, and can lead to various serious conditions, such as diabetes and cancer. To maintain your weight down, be strict related to your diet and exercise. If you need assistance, talk to your cardiologist or consult a nutritionist.

5. Make sure your blood pressure is proper.
When the force of the blood running through the blood vessels is constantly too high it is known as high blood pressure or hypertension. The normal blood pressure is 120/80mm. The damage caused to the blood vessels from undetected or uncontrolled high blood vessel can cause heart attack, heart failure or heart stroke and other serious health threats. When the blood pressure stays between healthy ranges, the pressure on the heart, kidneys and arteries is reduced which results in a healthier life for a long period.

You can do a great favor to yourself by following these five tips. By having such an active lifestyle, you can keep your heart healthy and live a longer life.

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