How To Look After Your Heart Health During Lockdown?

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As the Covid-19 Pandemic is making its rounds throughout India, there has been a nation-wide lockdown imposed to battle it. This has severely changed the way many individual functions and intermingle, as self-isolation has forced them to move away from their normal schedules. Working from home has turned into the new norm, and this extended quarantine period can affect one’s health, particularly those suffering with pre-diagnosed cardiac problems.

This is since the coronavirus targets the lungs, and the situation can easily get aggravated in a person with an unhealthy heart, which has to function twice as hard to offer oxygenated blood to other organs. The virus also positions a risk for individuals who have a fatty build-up called as plaque in their arteries, as evidence shows alike viral illnesses can threaten these plaques, possibly resulting in the obstruction of an artery nursing blood to the heart, putting patients at jeopardy of heart attack.

Therefore, it has turn out to be crucial for people to step up and follow firm measures to make sure there is safety and good health during this time. Along with the key guidelines given by WHO, there are also some habits that individuals must adopt, so as to maintain their heart health and general fitness level. Some of these comprise of:

1. Consuming a healthy meal:

While it can be simple to slip into a habit of munching on junk food while you are at home, it is significant to make certain that you eat a proportionate meal. As suggested by one of the top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai – Dr.Semitha, heart patients need to be twice as careful about their consumption’s habits in order to evade potential complications during this time. A consistent meal must be packed with nutrients, carbs and vitamins. You ought to also focus on integrating nuts, seeds as well as red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, along with ingredients turmeric and garlic into their daily diet. Special care also needs to be taken to evade processed sugar, and shift to foods that encompass natural sugars. Heart patients must not eat oily/deep fried and spicy foods.


2. Continue prescribed medication given by your cardiologist:

If you are suffering with pre-diagnosed heart problems, you need to sincerely follow your prescription of medication for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, angina and others heart diseases, as suggested by your cardiologist. You must be satisfied with following these medical conventions under any condition, unless the heart specialist advice’s otherwise. It is advised that you must be in touch with your heart specialist on phone, WhatsApp, text or other mediums.


3. Conduct home check-ups:

As heart patients are unable to visit clinics for regular check-ups during this unsafe time, it is imperative for them to follow guidelines to screen their health at home. Regular monitoring of their sugar and blood pressure (by a domestic BP machine) must be done and the results ought to be updated with the treating cardiologist, 4. to make sure their health is kept under check


4. Good exercise at home:

Exercising for at least 5 days in week is perfect as it keeps the metabolism running. You ought to eat a light fruit or some nuts prior to exercise and breathing practices are done. You ought to also avoid sitting for long duration as it has negative impact on your body by creating a build-up stress in the joints, together with development of clotting in the leg veins. These can result in clots in the lungs and other health concerns. The finest way to avoid this is to remain physically active by walking around the house and finishing daily chores.

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