Why Healthy People Have Heart Attacks & How To Prevent It?

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Every day, people are told by heart specialists that they are fit and healthy. And that their probability of having a heart attack is diminutive. By taking medicine as suggested by their cardiologist to lessen body cholesterol, they believe they are safe. Unfortunately, these patients are time and again being misinformed.

All major strokes and heart attacks are possibly avoidable. The key lies in properly identifying and handling the root causes of cardiovascular disease. Many top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai have developed a new model for detecting and averting heart diseases, which empowers people to take responsibility of their medical fate.

They believe that every healthy individual must partner with best cardiac surgeon to create a personal care plan based on their distinctive risk factors. This includes taking benefit of extensively available, low-priced tests that can reliably detect the initial signs of cardiovascular disease up to 30 years before it grow into a silent killer.

Unfortunately, many healthy individuals do not know what really causes heart attacks. For instance, contrary to prevalent understanding, most heart attacks don’t happen in severely blocked arteries (the ones that cardiac surgeons target for bypass surgery and stents). Instead, what is serious is swelling of the arterial walls. This swelling can weaken plaque, causing it to rift and tear the lining of blood vessel, creating a clot. Thus, unlike the current standard of care—which is mostly connected with blockages—many heart surgeon in Mumbai focus on identifying silent, asymptomatic plaque and inflammation.

When you plan a visit to your heart surgeon, you need to ask for best in-depth checkup of your health. Most importantly, things that can signal the presence or high possibility of heart disease, but which are time and again ignored by healthy individuals are:

1. Genetic Predisposition

Dr. Bhasker Semitha, one of the renowned valve repair surgeon in Mumbai, says “More than 50% of Indians carry one or more genetic factor that radically escalate risk for heart attacks and sudden strokes. Moreover, family history on its own can be a poor forecaster to determine heart attack risk. Hence, talk to your cardiologist about genetic testing. Cardiovascular events are avoidable, even for people with high-risk genes. Knowing your DNA indicates that you can tailor your treatment plan.

2. Metabolic Syndrome

Although most individuals have never heard of it, metabolic syndrome, a risky cluster of deformities that critically magnifies the threat of heart disease, stroke, or diabetes, affects a number of people. One of the major causes of heart defect repair surgery is metabolic syndrome. However, as the syndrome’s cluster of disorders often don’t trigger any visible symptoms, it’s simple for people to remain undiagnosed, particularly if they don’t get regular physicals.

The good news is that you can make a diagnosis yourself by examining yourself for a big waist, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and a high fasting blood sugar. If you have 3 or more out of these 5 warning signs, you have metabolic syndrome and thus at a higher risk of heart defect repair surgery.

3. Plaque Deposits

Plaque in your arteries is medically termed as “kryptonite.” It can even bring down healthy superman. One very successful imaging test for finding out if you have kryptonite in your arteries is the Carotid intima-media thickness (cIMT) test, which straight scrutinizes the arterial wall. Painless and non-invasive, the cIMT scan by cardiac surgeons can also be used to discover how “old” your arteries are. Within the body of a healthy 40-something can even hide the arteries of someone 2-3 decades older!

4. Waist Circumference

This simple measurement (which some of the best cardiac surgeons don’t check!) is a more precise forecaster of heart attack and stroke risk than your weight or body mass index (BMI).

You can simply check your waist circumference by covering a tape measure around the top of your pelvic bones.

Early discovery is the big loser in our present-day healthcare system, especially when it comes to heart disease. Go to top cardiac surgeon in Mumbai, and go armed with information about what types of tests you want, and why.

Education is the key to healthy living and wellness. It’s never too late to enhance your care and take charge of your heart health, no matter what your indicators or lack thereof.

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