• Accurate Diagnosis

    Learn about the possible tests and treatments for your condition. If you or someone you care about has a heart valve problem, equip yourself with knowledge so you can get the right diagnosis and treatment plan for a long and healthy life.

  • Valve Problems and Causes

    You may have been told you have a heart murmur or a leaky valve. Or perhaps you're seeking a better understanding of your valve disease. Learn more about heart valve stenosis, regurgitation, mitral valve prolapse and more.

  • Risks, Signs and Symptoms

    Find out why you may or may not experience symptoms of chest pain, chest discomfort, fatigue, light-headedness or swelling.

  • Valve Problems and Causes

    You may have been told you have a heart murmur or a leaky valve. Or perhaps you're seeking a better understanding of your valve disease. Learn more about heart valve stenosis, regurgitation, mitral valve prolapse and more.

Heart Surgeon In Mumbai - Dr. Bhasker Semitha

Dr. Bhasker Semitha is a leading heart specialist in Mumbai engaged in treating heart patients and guiding them about the prime significance of heart care & maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being one of the best heart specialists in Mumbai, he aims to deliver the finest and scientifically advanced treatments when it comes to your heart.

As the diseases associated with heart have increased in the last decade, people need to be in the care of a good heart surgeon. Heart surgery is a huge thing for anyone who is going through a medical condition. To make the process easier for the patient, the heart surgeon should be experienced and good enough to handle everything with ease and calm.

With the introduction of modern technology and newer forms of surgeries, doctors are making themselves more educated. Dr. Bhasker Semitha is one of them who has pioneered in the field of heart surgery. He has also done a Heart Transplant surgery after he graduated from University of NSW Sydney, Australia. During his career, he gained expertise in the following topics: vascular and aneurysm surgeries, bypass surgery, transplantation of heart and lungs, repair of heart defects, minimal invasive cardiac surgery, and more. Since the mentioned topics are some of the toughest for prospective surgeons, Dr. Semitha offers consultations and lectures on them to share his experience and help graduate students understand theoretical principles of surgery on real-life examples. Dr. Semitha’s classes are also helpful for those who struggle with medical school essay writing: he completed graduate and post-graduate theses and is eager to provide tips and hints for students from first to the final year of studies and for those who want to enroll in post-graduate programs.

If you have already visited Dr. Semitha’s classes but still need professional advice on medical essay writing, consider consulting with experts of the college essay writing service. They are ready to work closely with you to get your term paper, thesis, or dissertation done shortly. Besides this, you can also order an abstract page or the works cited page formatting for the draft you’ve written on your own.

Dr. Semitha thus strives in providing 24/7 heart care services that are dedicated to endow you a prospect to live a healthier life! As top heart surgeon in Mumbai, he believes in offering heart treatment to all with outstanding results at a very affordable cost.



Aneurysm Surgery

Aneurysm is a localized, blood-filled balloon-like bulge in the wall of a blood vessel.Aneurysms can occur in any blood vessel, with examples including aneurysms of the Circle of Willis in the brain, aortic aneurysms affecting the thoracic aorta, and abdominal aortic aneurysms. Aneurysms can also occur within the heart.


Bypass Surgery

Heart Bypass Surgery , also known as coronary artery bypass surgery, aims to replace damaged arteries in the heart. A surgeon uses blood vessels from another area of the body to repair the damaged arteries.


Heart & Lung Transplantation

Heart transplant is surgery to remove the diseased heart from a person and replace it with a healthy one from an organ donor.
Lung transplantation , is a surgical procedure in which a patient’s diseased lungs are partially or totally replaced by lungs which come from a donor.


Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery is a surgical subspecialty in which diseases of the vascular system, or arteries and veins, are managed by medical therapy, minimally-invasive catheter procedures, and surgical reconstruction. The specialty evolved from general and cardiac surgery as well as minimally invasive techniques pioneered by intervention radiology.


Heart Defect Repair

Heart Defect corrective surgery fixes or treats a heart defect that a child is born with. A baby born with one or more heart defects has congenital heart disease. Surgery is needed if the defect could harm the child’s long term health or well-being.


Heart Valve Repair & Replacement

Heart Valve Repair & Replacement is an open heart operation. This means that the surgeon opens your chest and heart to remove the damaged valve. The new artificial (prosthetic) valve is then sewn into place. In some cases, the valve can be replaced without opening the chest.