7 Heart Benefits of Exercise

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Did you know that physical activity could be as helpful to your heart as medicines in majority cases?
One of the very finest gifts you can endow your heart with is physical activity. In actual fact, coupling regular exercise with a well-balanced diet, keeping a normal weight and not being dependent on smoking/alcohol is the best protection plan for coronary artery and vascular disease, research by top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai has found.

One of the best cardiac surgeons in Mumbai, Dr. Bhasker Semitha, covers the great benefits on letting yourself be active part for your heart-protection plan. Understanding the way physical activity like exercises benefit your heart can be tough motivation to get moving more. Here's what you need to know.

1. Exercise lowers blood pressure.
Exercise functions like beta-blocker therapy to normalize the heart rate and lower blood pressure (at repose and even during exercising). The main risk factor is high blood pressure for heart disease.

2. Key to weight control is exercising.
Particularly, being physically active is the most important component for losing weight along with a strict diet. One of the cardiac surgeons says that being active in turn keeps our heart healthy too. It's important to focus on your weight, as being overweight, can put pressure on your heart’s health and may also lead to heart strokes.

3. Exercise strengthens our muscles.
The heart specialist advises us to opt for a mixture of strength training which includes weight lifting, resistant training and aerobic workouts which depend on our fitness level as it is the best exercises to keep your heart healthy. These exercises if done regularly improves the blood circulation of your body and has a healthy effect on our heart too.

4. Exercise can assist you to quit smoking.
When smokers gain perfect fitness they quit smoking. Its quite rare that individual who is fit will smoke. As heart specialists say, smoking lowers your blood functioning systems and increases the risk of heart disease.

5. Exercise lowers the development of diabetes.
Few cardiac surgeons research has proved that if strength training and regular aerobic exercises such as cycling, swimming, fast walking are combined together will reduce the development of diabetes by 50% and also help to reduce the sugar level in the blood to a great extent.

6. Exercise reduces stress.
An extra-burden on the heart arises due to stress hormones. Every heart specialist will advise you to do exercise which is resistant-oriented and flexibility-focused like yoga as it helps the heart patient to relax and lowers the stress level.

7. Exercise diminishes inflammation.
With daily exercise, prolonged inflammation is decreased as the body adjusts to the challenge of exercise on some physical systems.

Thus, exercise is instrumental in reducing the adverse effects of numerous diseases and health concerns

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