Is an Aneurysm or Hemorrhagic Stroke Preventable?

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There is a little confusion, exactly what causes a brain aneurysm, but there are few risk factors for forming one, including:

  • Family history. Research advice’s that 6 percent to 20 percent of people who are treated for hemorrhagic stroke have two or more family members who already had brain aneurysms.
  • Being female. Women are more prone to aneurysms as compared to men for reasons they don't fully understand yet.
  • History of smoking. Smoking causes high blood pressure (hypertension) as well as unhealthy environment for the brain.
  • Hypertension. If you already have high blood pressure, your blood vessels are more prone to weakening as there was long-term excess pressure on the vessel walls.
  • Inflammation. The inflamed cell causes arterial walls to weaken. Research is underway to find out how much inflammation affects aneurysm risk.

Researchers are continuously trying to study which combination of medical therapy is the secret recipe for preventing aneurysm-related stroke. They still don't have an answer, but they know that lifestyle choices play a major role in prevention.

The strongest reason is smoking. Avoiding smoking is one of the most important things an individual can do to keep blood vessels healthy. Smoking increases the risk for high blood pressure which further creates a hostile environment for the blood to circulate in a proper way.

There also have been major improvements in medications to lower high blood pressure with lesser side effects. Cardiologists have done a great job of finding out what a reasonable blood pressure is. Now, people know that not every person has to have a blood pressure of 120/80, but an individual's blood pressure must not exceed beyond 150 to 160 range every day or else our risk of stroke rises.

There's also increasing public awareness about preventive medicine as well as making better nutrition and exercise choices. Many people are choosing to see their doctors to have their risk factors known, and doctors are also providing more options for prevention as opposed to starting with medication.

What more medical professionals have learnt is that it's much simple and more effective to help people make better lifestyle choices' eating right food, being active, avoid smoking ' rather than trying to fix a complicated aneurysm or rehabilitate people from strokes that in the end leave the people paralyzed.

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