Cardiologist In Mumbai

According to the resent survey, around 82% of the people of Mumbai are prone to heart diseases due to a hectic work schedule and a high amount of stress.

A healthy lifestyle is essential to ensure a healthy heart. High Blood pressures can cause heart attacks. So acknowledging the early signs of distress, monitoring the Blood Pressure, taking proper medications and consulting a cardiologist in case of distress can be important to prevent chronic heart problems. Cardiologists are needed to safeguard us from these heart diseases

Dr. Bhasker Semitha is a leading Cardiologist in Mumbai providing the best of services in terms of precise diagnosis and specialized treatment. As one of the top Cardiologist in Mumbai, he endows health care services in heart transplantation, cardiac bypass surgery, heart valve repair treatment, minimally invasive surgery, heart defect repair, interventional cardiology, and non-invasive cardiology.

Known as the finest Cardiologist in Mumbai, he also provides ambulatory systems during emergencies along with cardiovascular CT's, non-invasive image processing, ECG, stress tests and thallium heart mapping among others.