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Dr. Bhasker Semitha is one of the Top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai, providing consultative and therapeutic services for the surgical treatment of cardiac and pulmonary diseases.
The main areas of cardiothoracic surgery covered by one of our Top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai ' Dr. Semitha are:

  • Adult cardiac surgery
  • General thoracic surgery
  • Adult congenital cardiac surgery
  • Heart and lung transplant surgery

Apart from performing surgery, Dr. Semitha and his team of Cardiac surgeons in Mumbai are involved in the treatment and management of various heart conditions within their area of expertise.
As one of the leading Cardiac surgeons in Mumbai, Dr. Semitha performs various kinds of surgeries including:
Coronary artery bypass surgery ' Reinstate blood flow to the heart by adding up a bypass graft to the blocked area
Heart valve surgery ' Repairing and restoring heart valves
Aortic Aneurysm surgery ' Fixing Dilated blood vessels
As a Best cardiac surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Semitha is dedicated to both outstanding medical care and sympathetic patient care, which is revealed by the several admirable outcomes our patient’s witness.
Further, Dr. Semitha is one of the Best cardiac surgeons in Mumbai recognized in offering both pioneering, minimally invasive methods as well as conventional surgical techniques to provide you with the most suitable care for your personal cardiovascular condition.

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