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Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is a clinical sub-specialty of various surgeons in Mumbai in which illnesses of the vascular system, or veins and arteries, are accomplished by medicinal therapy, nominally-invasive catheter procedures, and medical reconstruction. The Vascular Surgery forte developed from general and heart surgery in addition to nominally invasive techniques initiated through interventional radiology.
Dr Bhasker Semitha is one of the top vascular surgeons in Mumbai, skilled in the diagnosis and administration of diseases touching all parts of the vascular system excluding those of the heart and brain.

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Evolution Of Vascular Surgery:

Medical science has progressed considerably since 1510, when the famous Leonardo da Vinci illustrated the diagram of the female inner organs and vascular systems.

The forte endures to be grounded on operative arterial and venous surgery however since the early 1990s it has advanced greatly. There is now substantial emphasis on minimally invasive options for surgery. Additional development of the field has succeeded through combined efforts between interventional radiology, vascular surgery, and interventional cardiology. This space of vaszcular surgery is named as Endovascular Surgery or Interventional Vascular Radiology (A term that some in the field attach to their primary qualification as Vascular Surgeon.) Endovascular and Endovenous procedures can now turn into the best part of a vascular surgeon's practice.

The growth of endovascular surgery has been escorted by a gradual parting of vascular surgery from its source in general surgery. Most vascular surgeons in Mumbai would now restrain their practice to vascular surgery and likewise general surgeons would not be proficient or practice the greater vascular surgery operations or most endovascular procedures. Lately, specialized vascular surgery societies and their teaching program have officially separated 'Vascular Surgery' into a distinct specialty with its individual training program, conferences and certification.

Some of the notable societies are:
-Society of Vascular Surgery (SVS), USA; Australia and New Zealand -Society of Vascular Surgeons (ANZ SVS).
The local societies too exist. E.g. New South Wales Vascular and Melbourne Society of Vascular Surgeons (MVSA).
Larger societies of surgery keenly separate and boost specialty surgical societies in their canopy. E.g. Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

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